Server Caller Standard

Pagers used throughout the UK

Server Caller Standard Heatproof Kitchen Wait System

Our Server Caller Standard Paging System handles all kitchen to waiter communications with features not found on similarly priced systems

Pager Caller Systems for Restaurants

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 Server Caller Standard Heat Proof with SP4 Pagers


Server Caller Standard Wait Staff Paging

Restaurant Server Paging Systems that Manage Wait Staff and Kitchens

Server Caller Standard Systems allow the kitchen to notify staff as soon as the food is ready to be served; Staff can spend much longer on the floor serving and selling to customers which can increase your bottom line profits considerably.

Restaurant Server Paging Designed with Professional Restaurants in Mind

Server Caller Standard Systems are developed for the professional restaurant; this design is heat proof, grease resistant and water resistant too so damage to the equipment in harsh restaurant environments is never really a problem; not so with some competitive solutions.

Our pagers utilise the best LEXAN plastics and our designs take in to account the rough and tumble environment of a busy restaurant. We also supply a 'pager protector' that allows our pagers to handle much more abuse than any other systems as sold by distributors in the UK. 


  • Quality of Service is massively improved.
  • Reduction of cold food delivery to customer thus boosting profits.
  • Immediate paging to waiter for fast response.
  • Recommended for up to 16 servers.
  • All page 911 allows page to all staff.
  • Unique messaging system to staff.
  • Up to twelve transmitters (bar, kitchen, FOH) as some examples.
  • Heat proof, grease and water resistant design.
  • Manager paging facility with full support for managers.
  • A number of manager pager choices from Alpha Manager to 1 Line Rechargeable.
  • Text paging support.
  • Up to 12 site ID's that ensure ZERO interference from other systems.
  • LEXAN made pagers that take the abuse even in the most extreme conditions.
  • Pager protectors available make the pager far more reliable than competitor systems.
  • Three year manufacturers warranty with new for old options.
  • Our most robust solution.

Restaurant Waiter Paging Systems to Manage Kitchen Staff

Server Caller Standard Restaurant Paging Systems allow the chef to stay in constant contact with FOH staff; efficient communications and first class customer service will make your restaurant successful.

The Server Caller Standard waiter call system is available as a 16 one touch (but up to 999 pagers); manager pagers are supported as standard by the transmitter so only the pagers are needed to make the system work with manager paging.

LEXAN Pagers without LED's reduce operating costs

Often pagers use regular low cost plastics in manufacture, but the pagers we supply with this system are strong, robust and made with the best LEXAN housings available; this ensures that the pager even when dropped will stand up to the most zealous use in the busiest restaurants in the world - guaranteed.

We don't employ LED screens either on this pager as this can considerably reduce the costs of repairs when pagers get dropped and the LED screen gets damaged; some companies suggest that LED screens are an advantage but clearly once damaged then you cannot read the display thus rendering the pager useless.

The pagers on this system NEVER lose their identity and don't need a display (manager pager excepted) as we developed a far more robust solution right in to these pagers; they are available only from LRS.


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