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Server Caller EZ Pager Systems

The new Server Caller paging system for busy restaurants.

Pager Caller Systems for Restaurants

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Server Caller EZ and Freedom Restaurant Pager Systems



Server Caller EZ Pager System for busy Restaurants

Best Value Systems on the market

Efficiency and quality of service (QOS) are some of the most important aspects of a successful restaurant; our Server Caller EZ restaurant systems give the best solution for staff communications to and from the kitchen; staff need to be on the floor with customers so reduction of waiting for food orders becomes a thing of the past. The chef has the perfect tool to call waiters or runners at the touch of a button.

Our Server Caller EZ 20 waiter staff paging system offers more benefits & features over any other solution on the market:

  • Call 20 staff with just one button press - supports 9999 pagers
  • Staff paged immediately food is ready saving money against otherwise cold food.
  • Our 911 all page allows staff or the chef to message everyone.
  • Heat, grease and water resistant allows for use in the harshest restaurant environments.
  • Our 'Unique' auto page will page many times and contact the manager if not answered.
  • Each Pager is designed for prolonged use.
  • Options for up to 30 one touch systems.
  • Options for manager TEXT pagers.
  • Three Year manufacturers warranty on all professional systems with new for old option.
  • Guaranteed completely legal in the UK.
  • Lowest cost solutions on the market from a trusted manufacturer.
  • Used in smaller and the largest restaurant and hotel businesses in the UK.
  • References available on request.

Restaurant Server Paging Systems to Manage Wait Staff and Kitchens

Server Caller Systems allow the kitchen to notify staff as soon as the food is ready to be served; Staff can spend much longer on the floor serving and selling to customers which can increase your bottom line profits considerably.

Restaurant Server Paging Designed with Professional Restaurants in Mind

Server Caller Systems are developed for the professional restaurant; the design is heat resistant, grease resistant and water resistant too so damage to the equipment in harsh restaurant environments is negligible. The pagers utilise the best LEXAN plastics and the designs take in to account the rough and tumble environment of a busy restaurant. We also supply a 'pager protector' that allows our pagers to handle much more abuse than other systems as sold by distributors in the UK. 

The Server Caller EZ pager system has a number of specialised kitchen to waiter (or runner) paging systems suitable (and used in the UK) for restaurant environments.

Our Restaurant Waiter Pager Systems include these options:

Kitchen to Waiter Paging System

Often waiters are hanging around at the food counter waiting for food instead of being out on the floor increasing service and selling more items to customers. The waiter pager system solves that, so that waiters can do their job without waiting around and your sales will increase too.

We have a range of waiter paging systems suitable for from just three waiters right through and up to 9999 pagers per system.

We have a number of staff paging systems suitable for restaurants, some are stand alone and others can be hooked up to the computer systems in house. We can page to just one pager or as many as 9999 pagers and can cover your restaurant no matter how large it is. Range is not an option; it's a requirement!

Most solutions need a low cost license (£15.00 per year) and is no problem; we handle that for free.



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