iQueue Wait List for iPad 

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iQueue Wait List Management App for iPad FREE!

Imagine managing customers with the latest technology while waiting for a table. Imagine its cutting edge technology. Don't imagine any longer the iQueue app from LRS is completely FREE and available to download from iTunes right now for your iPad.

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On-Cue Wait List iPad Application for Customer Flow Management

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No more expensive systems for Customer Wait List Management

Waiting customers will cost your restaurant money; its that simple; but is a regular paging system really what you need?

LRS is a manufacturer of paging solutions but we understand the needs of our customers; we are driven to develop the best solutions for customers irrespective whether we make money from customers or not; that's why we developed a completely FREE iPad application to manage your wait lists of customers in your restaurant.

The importance of customer management is critical to making money in your restaurant; On-Cue will allow you to know whose waiting, how long they have been waiting, which tables are free or being buzzed; and there's a fantastic reporting function available too.

But the best thing about this system is that its FREE!


  • Complete wait list management tool.
  • Optional Paging to Staff or Customers.
  • Optional SMS text to staff or customers.
  • Optional FULL reporting.
  • Fully networkable so many iPad's can see the same wait list or have individual lists.
  • The ONLY genuinely free application with these features.
  • Increases quality of service.
  • Increases efficiency of staff.
  • Increases table turns.
  • Increased profitability.
  • Free support.
  • All optional equipment comes with a three year warranty and free support.
  • Highest quality of ancillary equipment available in the industry.
  • Trusted brand leader.


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