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Two Way Radios - The choice of licensing or license free

Choosing the right radio is critical for your business. The wrong choice will make your communications unusable.

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 Two Way Radios

What is the Difference Between License Free & Licensed Two Way Radios

Choosing the right two way radio for your business is critical and important to your business. The wrong radio or even branding could severely restrict communications between staff. LRS will help you to get the right radio. Below is a simple text describing the differences between licensed and license free radios.

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License Free Two Way Radios PMR 446

License Free

License free business radios are often the choice of many companies based on price; while these are lower cost they often don't deliver what the buyer thought they might. The coverage of the license free radio is the first hurdle because the output power is just 500mw compared to licensed radios that are typically 5 watts. Transmission power is limited by OFCOM in the UK so the range of all license free radios is similar unless you buy a no brand radio as some of those don't even meet the European law of standards.

 How far a license free radio will cover is difficult to determine as this depends on the environment they are used in; in a building it will depend on the construction of the building; in some cases a large multi-story buildings could be fully covered by a license free radio but in other similar situations it might not. Construction of the building is often the variable; different materials and even how much metal is integral when the building was made.

Typically license free radios have 16 channels which limits the radios use because if there are other users in the vicinity then they can 'hog' the channels; license free radios suffer from over talk from other users more so in towns and cities.

While there are licensed radios with 16 channels, often those have sub channels of either 8 or 16 sub channels making literally hundreds of 'channels' available to the user.

 PMR 446 license free radios use a standard frequency throughout Europe so they can be used without the need for reprogramming for any European country.

The 'cheap' low cost PMR 446 license free radios down at the local DIY are not really designed for professional use; that is reflected in the very low price (some as low as £29.00); trying to use that type of radio commercially is doomed to failure and professional PMR 446 is needed for better overall business use

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Licensed Professional Two Way Radios


Licensed professional portable two way radios are supplied on UHF or VHF in the UK and Europe. Typically the output power is 5 watts so range outdoors can be as far as 8km (approximately 5 miles) so for a business choice these types of radio are mor common.

With those 5 watts available on a licensed radio the coverage over large areas including multi-story buildings is much improved against unlicensed PMR 446 equipment.

 Often on quality radios like the LRS licensed radio you will find the volume in the earpiece is much improved over competitors radios; one reason why LRS radios are often used in music venues; regular low cost licensed radios simply don't have the output and can't be heard by the user.

OFCOM licenses can be obtained from Ofcom's website; but in the case of LRS we do all the form filling for you for free. Other companies often leave you to fill out your own application with little assistance once they have the sale. The license is just £75.00 for five years.

The LRS-2800 portable business radio can be programmed to communicate with all existing two way radios; if you already have radios such as Motorola, Kenwood, Icom (which we also sell and support) we can program the LRS-2800 to work those radios for you.

The LRS UK Portable Business Radios are a simple reliable product for your on-site communication requirements. LRS two way radios have a great range of optional accessories available including custom accessories available from no other company.



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