Two Way Radio Accessories

Pagers used throughout the UK

Professional Radio Accessories

LRS supplies all styles of earpiece, microphone, chargers, antenna and a host of other items for professional two way radios. All Radio Brands supported.

Pager Caller Systems for Restaurants

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Two Way Radio Accessories


The BEST Professional Two Way Radio Accessories at prices you simply will not believe.


Earpiece with PTT button
Great for noisy areas or when privacy is required.

Ultra light Headset with boom Microphone
Rests on the back of the head for a comfortable fit.

Earpiece with boom microphone

Two-wire palm microphone with clear earpiece
Secret Service type accessory for low visibility.

Multi-Unit Charger

Single Unit Charger

As a manufacturer of accessories for two way professional radios LRS offers a full warranty on these products in the UK. All products meet the European standards legally and are of the highest quality; after all you would not buy decent radios and use rubbish accessories would you?


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