Licensed Two Way Radios 

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Licensed Two Way Radios

No interference with your Two Way Radios when licensed and we will look after the licensing for you. Perfect for Hotels & Restaurants.

Pager Caller Systems for Restaurants

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 Licensed Two Way Radios


Twin Pack Radio Just £129.99 ex vat

Special Offer: TWO Radio Kits with accessories for just £129.99. Kits include radios, desktop chargers, and other accessories. This is a premiere radio and lowest price for licensed professional two way radio twin packs you will find.

LRS-2800 Professional Two Way Radio

The LRS-2800 licensed professional two way radio is UK Legal (unlike some we could mention from competitors) and is a very robust portable radio used and developed for the hospitality environment. With 16 channels and a powerful 5 watt output the LRS-2800 offers all the features required by a busy restaurant or hotel and is the simplest radio to use every day.

LRS-2800 Simplicity & Reliability Made Right into The Unit

The LRS-2800 business radio is portable and designed to withstand the tough environment & rigors of the hospitality industry. Restaurants, Hotels, Casinos, Events companies & Retailers need a portable hand held radio that offers reliability & durability; power & features without complexity of digital displays that are easily broken and buttons and switches with features that will not be used.

The LRS-2800 is a small lightweight 16 channel radio that includes voice channel announcement, 5 Watt Transmit Power, VHF or UHF Frequency, long life 1600mAh Li-ion battery, Channel Scan; it's simple to use, Choose the channel and use it immediately.


  • 5 Watt Power Output (5w or 1w selectable)
  • Available in VHF or UHF
  • 16 Channels (15+S)
  • Long Lasting 1600 mAh Li-ion Battery
  • Voice Channel Announcement
  • Channel Scan
  • Auto Lock on Busy Channel
  • Lightweight 220g complete
  • Compact 54mm x 34.5mm x 106mm
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Highest Grade Plastics
  • Automatic Battery Save Function
  • Charger
  • Hand strap
  • Belt Clip

The LRS-2800 professional business radio is complete with its desktop charger and a full two years manufacturers warranty at a price that others will not match for UK legal equipment (ask them for CE documents for the shipment that arrived on in Europe) and using illegal equipment is a statutory offence by the USER; which means they get away with selling illegal kit but you don't!

Ask our sales department for more information and a quotation.

Why Use Licensed Portable Two Way Radios

If you are wondering about the difference between licensed and unlicensed radio's then read on; licensed two way radios offer the advantage of 10 times the power of a license free radio offering advantages of greater range linked with less chance interference from other close by two way radio systems. LRS will obtain a license for you so you don't need to know all the technicalities - and we manage it for free. The Ofcom license fee's are £75 for five years. Never worry about licensing - trust LRS to manage yours for free.


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