Quieter Caller Orion Staff Paging 

Pagers used throughout the UK

Quieter Caller EZ Staff Paging Systems

Our Quieter Caller EZ Staff Pager System is probably the lowest cost paging system in the business with the longest warranty and best after sales service; and with our new for old warranties distributors don't even figure.

Pager Caller Systems for Restaurants

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Staff Paging Solutions for Increased Profitability and Service


Quieter Caller MT and Freedom Staff Paging Systems

Improve overall communications with our QC MT or freedom Staff paging system within your premises; regular, TEXT or SMS paging instant to your managers via our alphanumeric pagers that meet an all time new low pricing with maximum features. Custom messaging instantly communicates with staff; staff pagers increase QOS, efficiency and profitability. Our products operate as a stand alone solution or can be operated on a PC or network for the ultimate paging solution in your restaurant or hotel; send custom messages to staff from any networked PC or SMS text them direct to their cellphone. Our solutions are used throughout the UK in over 40 industries including hospitality & restaurant venues and LRS products are used in over 80,000 sites worldwide.

Quieter Caller Freedom Staff Paging Features

  • Regular page or SMS cellphone paging - custom text.
  • Highest technology in the paging industry; simply smarter than the rest.
  • Rechargeable or Battery operated alpha and buzzed pagers.
  • LEXAN made housings for extreme strength in all environments.
  • PC paging to staff, but also wait list management that's a breeze to use.
  • Most powerful legal transmitter available in the UK - fully OFCOM legal.
  • LCD to see ad-hock messaging before sending.
  • 76 Pre-stored messages AND 21 custom messages as well as ad-hock mode.
  • Supports up to 9999 pagers NEVER upgrade again!
  • Compact design with all styles of keyboard available.
  • single, group or everyone messaging at the touch of a button.
  • 12 duty page alarms for timed paging to staff.
  • 99 groups of pagers supported as standard.
  • Tracking mode included without charge.
  • Promo button to 'collect' emails from guests for later secure download.
  • 2 dry contacts for telephone connect or doorbell etc.
  • Complete custom setup for all customer needs completely FREE of charge.
  • Installs in minutes & works for many years GUARANTEED!
  • 3 year warranty (optionally 10* years) new for old; 5 years on rechargeable batteries.
  • Best support in the industry.

Our Quieter Caller NPU Staff PC Paging system can easily be integrated in to a computer (standalone or networked) and provides the ability to send full alphanumeric messages of text to a pager directly from any computer on the network or stand alone; the NPU also sends emails and SMS text if you need it; the system can determine if you are on or off site.

All belt clip pagers are battery operated or rechargeable and with 9999 pagers supported it's likely you will never have to upgrade; the QC Freedom & NPU with our pager solutions are suitable for over 40 industries currently in the UK in any business environment.

With our 3 or 10* year warranty (5 years on rechargeable batteries) and the best service in the industry you can be sure that these systems work for extremely extended lifespans and often substantially longer than comparable systems. Distributors often change products frequently and one we recently saw changed products three times in about two years. If you bought one of those systems they no longer sell then you might well be called to buy their 'new' system. Really!

At LRS we sell one thing; solutions we manufacture; paging equipment that we make, guarantee and with perfect support as we have done in the UK since 2000 and 1993 in Dallas Texas, USA. Distributors? not us; but competitors are; they sell whatever makes them the most money usually; we sell the best equipment with the best support and warranty; period.


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