TableLocator™  Smarter Tracker

Pagers used throughout the UK

Smarter Tracker TableLocator™

Used in fast food and bar order restaurants; find customers wherever they choose to sit in the premises.

Pager Caller Systems for Restaurants

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TableLocator™ Smarter Tracker






Smarter Tracker TableLocator™ System for Restaurants with a Bar

Smarter Tracker TableLocator™  is LRS designed for bar restaurants and fast casual, Smarter Tracker TableLocator™ notifies wait staff what table any order is located in the restaurant. If a customer orders food from the bar they are given a TableLocator™ tag and Smarter Tracker's TableLocator™ completely unique technology will locate the customer. When a customer chooses a table the Smarter Tracker TableLocator™ system will identify the table and displays the table number on a screen with the customers order. Should a customer changes tables Smarter Tracker TableLocator™ will update with the new table number immediately; Smart Tracker TableLocator™ can even tell you if a customer is on the move and not selected a table or how long the customer took to locate a table in the first instance.

TableLocator™ Improves Efficiency & Quality of Service to Customers

Looking for guests who have moved tables wastes time and usually results in cold food and reduced QOS; with the Smarter Tracker TableLocator™ food is delivered fast resulting in content customers and a more efficient restaurant operation. Maximise busy service periods by delivering food faster than competitors and turn tables quicker Smarter Tracker's TableLocator™ is the perfect solution for busy quick service or fast casual restaurants.

Smarter Tracker TableLocator™  is available as a stand alone solution and is also compatible with many of the leading restaurant kitchen screen and POS solutions in the UK and worldwide.

Smarter Tracker TableLocator™  Features & Benefits

  • Identifies 'problem' tables
  • No more cold food deliveries for increased profitability
  • Units use LEXAN for maximum strength
  • Simple Tracking and 'out of time' deliveries to customer fully documented
  • Complete reporting and analysis of all events
  • Reporting can be consolidated over sites
  • Comparison with other top 10 restaurants (or similar business) to see how you compare
  • Manager paged if service delayed
  • Alerts staff of late orders
  • QOS takes a massive boost
  • Efficiency of staff greatly improved
  • Increased bottom line profitability
  • LRS Patented design... any other systems simply do not compete.
  • 3 year warranty and support on all systems

While there are solutions out there that suggest they can operate in the same way as the TableLocator™ system their designs are not the same because LRS has a patent on this design; our systems features and benefits are completely unique; other systems are often sold by distributors that offer shorter warranty periods and simply sell what they buy. LRS is the manufacturer of this solution and it's simply not possible from distributors to match the same quality of support from those type of companies.

Some distributors even change products faster than you can shake a stick; we have seen one of them change products three times in just two years; the result is likely that if you bought the 'old' systems they sold you within the last two years then you could be looking for a new system anytime soon because the 'old' system no longer has any support.

One reason why dealing with a manufacturer directly remains the ONLY sustainable solution for any type of paging system.


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