Push Button Paging 

Pagers used throughout the UK

Push Button Paging For Hotels & Restaurants

The most innovative push buttons available. Unique features and Guaranteed lowest unit cost with the longest manufacturers warranty in the business.

Pager Caller Systems for Restaurants

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Push Button Paging With The BEST Warranty & Support for Restaurants & Hotels


Push Button Paging for Hotels & Restaurants

Configured with your own messaging push button paging buttons are available in 1, 2, 5, & 6  button configurations and are uniquely designed by us; they are typically used throughout the UK probably more than any other solution available from any distributor (most suppliers are); LRS are manufacturers so you can be sure of better quality, service and support than any of those types of companies.

Used in Conference & Meeting Rooms throughout the UK and ROW

An ideal solution for meeting rooms & conferences, visitors & guests call for service at the push of a button; offer guests the best possible service & with competition at an all time high in meeting facilities it becomes a critical and necessary improvement in service. Visitors or Guests call for lunch or coffee or other service when its break time from meetings; no more cold coffee or missing stationary when needed either. With the PCS (Productive Call System) push for service solution food delivery & drinks are just a push button away.

Push Button Paging for the Best Restaurant Service

The perfect solution for busy fast food or buffet restaurants; a push for service button on every table in either a hospitality or restaurant venue gives diners the chance to call and get more food or drinks, or maybe the bill. Waiting staff are notified on the alpha staff pager showing the table number and the request for service; on our more enhanced systems if there is no response from the server the manager is paged. QOS, efficiency and bottom line profitability are all improved; made using LEXAN for extremely rugged use.

Push Button Paging for Hotel Receptions

Push button paging systems are a perfect solution to unattended reception areas; guests or customers easily alert staff that they are required in reception by pressing of a PCS (Productive Call System) button. Using a push for service system in reception guarantees that staff are always aware of guests requiring check in services or other requirements.

Push Button Paging PCS (Productive Call System) Features & Benefits

  • Improved customer quality of service
  • Allows staff to attend to conference and meeting rooms
  • Customisation of designs and name plates easily
  • Can use battery or mains for power
  • Perfect for hotel receptions
  • Made using LEXAN
  • Free configuration on all systems no mater how large or small
  • 3 year MINIMUM warranty direct from manufacturer
  • New for old warranty exchange
  • 1, 2, 5 & 6 button options
  • Cancel feature ensures guests are always attended to
  • Plug in and go solutions
  • Increased table turns in a restaurant environment
  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased profitability
  • Fully wireless operation completely legal in the UK
  • These systems only available from LRS



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