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CheckPoint Restaurant Survey Management Tools

Imagine knowing what your customers think BEFORE they leave the premises; now the CheckPoint survey tool separates you from competitors.

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CheckPoint Management Tools for Restaurants & Hospitality


New Management Tools That Can Make Restaurants REALLY Profitable

When it all comes down to running a Restaurant or Hospitality Venue information is power; in fact its the information about customers and staff that can be the difference between bumping along or making your Restaurant king of the pile and awesomely profitable on the bottom line.

The New CheckPoint Management and Survey Tablet can give you that advantage; no longer do you have to second guess about your customers views about your QOS; or how efficient your staff are.

No other company in paging sells anything remotely like the CheckPointTablet and the words 'revolution' or 'ground breaking' spring to mind immediately you understand what the system offers:

  • Fully featured survey tablet that is able to collect data
  • Online reporting
  • Completely configurable survey design
  • Multiple surveys that can change dependent on time
  • QOS analysis to the highest level
  • Can 'page' a manager on negative input response from customer
  • Can be used for multiple industries
  • Ability to compare your restaurants data with the best restaurants from the top ten restaurants
  • Consolidation of data for larger companies

There are many more features to the CheckPoint tablet survey system so if you require more information please do contact us directly.


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