Guest Caller Elite Paging System 

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Guest Caller Elite CS7 Pro Customer Paging

Guest Caller CS7 IQ (Intelligent Queue Management Paging System

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Guest Caller Elite CS7 Pro Coaster Call Customer Pagers

Guest Caller

Guest Caller Elite CS7 Pro Customer Paging System.

Restaurant Customer Pagers for The Best Service Possible.

Our Guest paging systems maximise your profits by turning tables faster while offering the best experience for your customers. Using a guest pager for guests waiting for tables or food orders gives a completely professional service; customers can relax at the bar or other areas and will dismiss the need for hand written wait lists; searching for diners when a table is available is a thing of the past.

Guest Caller Elite CS7 Pro prevents walk aways in restaurants and improves quality of service while providing guests with a smarter friendly service.

GuestCaller Elite Customer Pagers Features:

        • The most customer friendly paging.
        • Fully Customisable labels for branding and promotion.
        • Reduction of pager loss with technology integration.
        • 7 customer messages AND full Alpha Pager Support on Transmitter.
        • Smarter charging to prolong and extend battery life.
        • 49 Unique System ID's prevent interference from other close paging systems.
        • 5 Year Battery life when installed (by Guarantee).
        • LEXAN Cases guarantee robust build in the most extreme conditions.
        • NEW acknowledgement of page back to transmitter for guaranteed messaging.
        • New technology reduces pager returns & reduced repair costs.
        • As used in over 80,000 sites worldwide and up to 40% of restaurants.

Guest Caller Elite Thankfully is NOT an All in One Guest Paging System

Disadvantages of all in one systems include when the charger fails on some systems you have to send the whole thing back for repair. If the transmitter fails on some systems you have to return the whole charger base. Our pagers never need renumbering but can be if you need that feature (some all in one systems have a renumbering system integral - yet another thing that can fail costing you money to operate those kind of systems.

We do things a better way than all in one systems; we make our systems typically to be operational at up to 60% less in operating costs year on year for the life of the system.

Utilise Maximise Space with the Guest Caller Elite IQ (Intelligent Queue Management) System

Guest Caller Elite is the most compact and advanced Guest Caller System available. The transmitter & charge base is perfect for all restaurants where space needs to be maximised. The chargers can hold up to 15 pagers and easily and cheaply be expanded to well over 60 pagers per power supply as required. All our Guest Caller systems support any number of pagers up to 999. Our acknowledge feature is completely unique.



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