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CS7 Pro MT Guest Caller System

The only customer or patient pager available that has an acknowledge message sent back to the system once a page has been received. No more paging and no one returns when needed. This is a unique and totally game changing technology that other systems just don't have.

Pager Caller Systems for Restaurants

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CS7 Pro Digital Customer Pagers


CS7 Pro Guest Caller with IQ (Intelligent Queue Management)

The new Guest Caller CS7 Pro with IQ (Intelligent Queue Management) is a breakthrough in the Restaurant and Hospitality industry for customer or guest communications.

It's the ONLY pager out there with a page acknowledge built right in to the pager, which notifies the system that the message was received successfully by the paging system; you can be assured that the recall was delivered to the pager.

Features of the CS7 Pro System:

  • Acknowledgement of message to the system guarantees message receipt.
  • Unique Smallest footprint.
  • IQ (Intelligent Queue Management Control) at it's best.
  • Advertising labels are easily fitted but tamperproof by customers & guests.
  • LED display tested to massive impact & protected with anti-shock mount unique to LRS.
  • 6 levels of message to customer or guest AND Alpha Pager Support on Transmitter.
  • Low cost License (£15.00 per year) system with excellent range that can easily be extended.
  • The most customer friendly paging system out there; simple to use.
  • Reduction of pager loss with technology integration.
  • Smarter charging to prolong and extend battery life safely.
  • Unique System ID's prevent interference from other close paging systems.
  • 5 Year Battery life Guaranteed! & easily replaceable at low cost.
  • One of the most robust pager design in the business and uses LEXAN case

 CS7 Pro and MT Thankfully is NOT an All in One Guest Paging System

Disadvantages of all in one systems usually include problems like when the charger fails you have to send the whole system back for repair; if the transmitter fails you have to return the whole charger base; simply read hassle you don't need!

A BETTER way to do things than all in one systems; we make our systems typically to be operational at up to 60% less in operating costs year on year for the life of the system against most other systems.

Maximise Space with the CS7 Pro and MT IQ (Intelligent Queue Management) System

CS7 Pro and the MT is one of the most compact Guest Caller Systems available. The transmitter & charge bases are perfect for all restaurants where space needs to be maximised. The chargers can hold up to 15 pagers (but can easily and cheaply be expanded to well over 60 pagers per power supply as required. All our Guest Caller systems support any number of pagers through to 999.



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