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 Adverteaser Guest Calling Customer Pagers


Adverteaser Guest Caller Customer Pagers

Smartest Restaurant Paging Solution Achieves Most Satisfied Customers.

Give customers who are waiting a sleek Adverteaser Guest Caller Pager, guests are then free to relax in the bar or lounge while waiting for tables or food orders. Customers gain the most positive impression as soon as they see the Adverteaser when placing a food order.

Adverteaser Guest Caller System has a built in wait list that puts you in complete control of your waiting customers enabling you to quote accurate wait times after checking the on screen display on the system.

Adverteaser Guest Caller Customer Paging is the highest standard for restaurant guest paging systems there is. A complete comparison of other systems confirms that the Adverteaser Guest Caller solution is the best in the world and offers unique features not available on ANY other system!

Adverteaser Guest Caller Customer Pagers Highlights

    •  Cannot lose ID like other systems that need to renew frequent pager programming
   •  No LED (those can easily break) causing units with LED displays to be a cost centre
   •  Fully Customisable pager inserts (ON BOTH SIDES) for advertising & custom branding
   •  Integrated Features not found on other systems
   •  Smartest charging for batteries with unique battery life guarantee
   •  Most robust pagers available worldwide - proven over many years
   •  Highly ergonomic design based on restaurant businesses use throughout the world
   •  Highly flexible expandable system from just one pager to 9999 easily

Manage the Restaurant with Smarter AdverTeaser and Not Digital Pagers

Adverteaser Guest Caller is designed without those pesky digital LEDs that are often on some solutions that could be less resilient to the restaurant use. Our pagers never need a re-numbering system as they cannot lose theory numbers. Some pagers out there need to be renumbered and that can make managing your pagers a priority, with little time left to focus on managing your restaurant. Digital paging systems can end up being a cost centre. We handle all our pager numbers from right here in the UK and record every single pager and all details so that we NEVER supply duplicate numbered pagers when replacements are ordered; pagers can be replaced instantly and you will always be sure that numbers cannot change.

Built-In Features Wait List Controller

Adverteaser Guest Caller Customer pagers removes any chance of guess work out of customer service; the Adverteaser Guest Caller station transmitter automatically calculates the wait list  order and displays it. More accurate wait times offer increased efficiency what makes increasing table turns and bottom line revenue; your guests are more satisfied.

Portable Table Master Hand Held for Instant Table Updates to Wait Lists

Update the position of tables right from the restaurant floor, our Table Master allows you to update the LRS host station with the position of any table in the restaurant in real time. There's no more running back to the host stand while using notes on pieces of paper; tell the host stand when tables are available with the LRS Table Master handheld.


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