Part Exchange Old Systems 

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Part Exchange your Old Paging System

That's right! That old paging system can be used in part exchange against any of our solutions; whether its J-Tech, HME, Boomerang, Leetek or any other system we will take it in part exchange; Find out more below.

Pager Caller Systems for Restaurants

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Part Exchange Your Old Paging Equipment


We understand that some customers have over the years bought competitive products. It can be a harrowing experience especially if you have had bad service or overcharging on the equipment; we have heard of some terrible situations that competitors have left customers in.

And we understand why you might want to change your system out; actually, one we could name has had THREE different brands in just around two years; sad if you have bought what they might call 'old' brands; an awful position to be left in too.

High operating costs, poor technical support, simply badly designed products, nasty and cheap products. There really is a whole plethora of reasons why someone would want to get rid of a system that does not do what the seller promised it would; and that system has now turned in to a cost centre rather than a solution to increase QOS, efficiency and profitability; or worse, they no longer support it and it's gathering dust in a cupboard.

That is why LRS UK developed a 'part exchange' solution for customers exactly like you; we understand your needs; you invested in equipment but it did not live up to what the sales person said at the time.

Please, let us help you. We will take your old pager systems in part exchange, dispose of them thoughtfully and legally and even pay you for them when you part exchange them against new LRS UK products available.

There is no catch. It really is that simple!

Gain from that old decrepit (or non-working) equipment and put in place a solution that will revolutionise your business without question; and it is not just sales talk either.

We can provide literally thousands of references from right here in the UK or indeed anywhere in the world.

Our customer list reads like a who’s who of the restaurant and hotel business; we supply on an on-going basis to each account and we do not 'make up' names or include companies where we supplied just one system as some other companies regularly do. Our customers stay with us.

And with that 'part exchange' deal you really cannot lose.

Welcome to LRS UK.



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