Warranty 3 or 10 Years! 

Pagers used throughout the UK

Choose from Either 3 Years or 10* Years Warranty on ALL Equipment

Choosing warranty from us is simple; we offer either 3 years or 10 years depending on your circumstances; find out more below.

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 Warranty : Simply The Best in the World on paging Equipment


LRS UK knows what is important to you. That's why we only sell paging systems and pagers that we manufacture.

But what about once you have bought our paging solutions? Well we have that covered too; we always think of the customer first. And with that philosophy we have grown since 1993. Today we have over 80,000 sites all operating LRS pagers (not counting the associated digital technologies) supplied by LRS.

And we did not have some afterthought about warranty as some company’s do who try to emulate us but fail.

We offer a 3 year or a 10* year warranty to all customers who buy LRS products from LRS UK (Long Range Systems UK) against all manufacturing defects for the whole period. Of course there are terms that apply. For example if you lose a pager we will not give you a new one under warranty, or if you drive over one with a fork lift that is not covered either.

But apart from actual damage caused by misuse or wear and tear, providing you fill out our warranty form included with each new system then you can benefit from a full 3 or 10* year warranty.

And that's a promise that no other paging company offers anywhere on the planet.

Welcome to LRS UK.

*terms apply


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