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Sometimes it can be a little hard to tell good paging systems from bad pager systems. How do you know which are which? If you get it wrong then you will be in for a shock. You buy paging equipment so that it works for your restaurant and that the system increases quality of service, operational efficiency and of course profitability.

The right system will also have a return on investment of literally just weeks.
But the wrong system will without question make your quality of service worse, make your restaurant inefficient and absolutely cost you money with reduced profitability overall.

But here at LRS UK we know that. In fact we can share an important critical aspect of paging systems with you. Our failure rate is just 0.3%. That means that you are buying in LRS equipment some of the best paging system components available from any company. Bear in mind that virtually all the 'competition' here in the UK are simply distributors; some have changed the products they sell time and time again while others have been known to work from PO boxes.

So it's important to know who you're dealing with. Because only a manufacturer’s office can guarantee the quality of the products they sell; and in our case at LRS UK that's exactly the point. We ensure you are getting the finest products in the world in the paging industry for restaurants available from anywhere.

What's more, we have premium quality paging systems without that premium price that those distributors like to charge; and of course there's another saving that is not immediately obvious. Typically those 'competitors' will charge £50.00 for each and every repair minimum, and that’s important when their failure rates are typically higher. They win, you lose.

Thankfully, at LRS UK we only operate on a win-win situation for LRS and its customers.

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