Hospitality Messaging Environment

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Hospitality Messaging Environment (HME)*

Our Hospitality Messaging Environment is a new way of thinking about communications in Restaurants & Hotels; find out what we mean below and why it is critical for long term integration between systems.

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 Hospitality Messaging Environment (HME)*


Communications in Restaurants & Hotels can be a very 'messy' place when it comes down to disparate equipment and sometimes illegal equipment that some businesses might unwittingly buy; it could be a problem where customers of paging systems and other associated equipment onsite becomes a centre for spurious radio frequencies that can cause substantial interference (at the bare minimum) to the restaurant or hotel using the equipment as well as problems for other close business.

But what's worse even than that (as far as any business is concerned) is that those systems can be so disparate that they will NEVER work integral or in harmony with each other; even with the same supplier in some cases the very equipment that should make the life of the restaurant owner easier and more profitable becomes a problem later down the road.

Often distributors sell a number of brands of equipment and the chances of everything working in harmony is to say the least down to luck and not judgment. The computer industry typically goes through this sort of thing when any new interface is developed; different versions are often incompatible or simply don't work together when they should.

There MUST be an easier way of developing solutions for restaurants and hotels than putting up with disparate systems onsite.

And there is.

Our way of thinking is to develop each and every system or solution that we make to be completely compatible with each other; and of course we can integrate in to other companies products often in the same way that their own paging equipment can; we call this the Hospitality Messaging Environment (or HME)*; with this way of thinking thankfully all of our restaurant and hotel solutions work in harmony with each other and where equipment can be connected together then it is developed by LRS to be completely compatible.

So when you are considering trusting any supplier with your paging equipment requirements just consider the above and ensure you never end up with equipment that is illegal for use in the UK and Europe or worse, will NEVER work with any other equipment because of disparity of design.

* not to be confused with any company of similar name.


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