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The LRS Price Promise

We GUARANTEE to beat any quotation of similar competitive paging equipment from other pager suppliers in the United kingdom; Simply tell us their quote from any pager supplier for 'competitive' and similar equipment and we will take off 15% from their price;  And that is the difference between a manufacturer and a distributor.

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Price Guarantee


We get asked all the time 'is that your lowest price?'

And often it is. But sometimes you have to compare apples with apples and when you try to do that (especially in the UK) our paging systems have no peers. Really.

If you take an average comparison pager system and compare it to an LRS paging system there are many things that you can immediately see where the 'competitor' has cut corners to make products down to a price. We don't do that at LRS.

Here are a few areas where typically competitors 'cut corners' to try and reduce their cost pricing against LRS UK:

  • Reduced Number of Pagers that the Transmitter an Page.

    • Typically some others have transmitters that can page 4 or 8 pagers and if you are really lucky 16 (for a price). But LRS transmitters all transmit to 999 pagers and some models even go to 9999 without increase of costs to customers.

  • Reduced Output Power.

    • We have seen some equipment being sold with miniscule output as low as 10mw (which usually goes 50 metres). LRS equipment is typically 1/2 watt or 2 watts (the UK limit). And our products do not carry a premium for supplying what you should be getting by default.

  • Poor Quality Pagers.

    • The pagers themselves have to be tough. Many competitive brands out there include LED numbers for the ID of the pager. While this looks good it also carries a major issue in our opinion; those leds fail and then report a 'wrong' ID for the pager. It's true we do include some LED's in some of our new pagers, but those are manufactured to a far higher specification than most out there. This is one of those so called advantages that is retrograde step to (for example) a customer pager if that LED is a cheap low cost inclusion as so often they are. LRS standards ensure completely robust LED's of a different level than others. Those distributors will happily charge you for that service when their LED's fail. LRS pagers typically have specialised custom LED's of the highest quality you can buy in a pager.

  • Battery Issues.

    • If you check out some competitive pagers you will see that their rechargeable battery is smaller than those in LRS products. This matters because with smaller batteries the power cannot be maintained as long as that on an LRS pager. What is more, those batteries are under higher stress than the LRS batteries and could fail sooner. LRS UK guarantees batteries for at least 5 years.

    •  Another common problem on competitive customer pagers is the question of charging pins. ANY stackable pager you will see usually has only two charging pins. We have also seen others with four pins (but only two are used for charging). So if the bottom pager in the stack has a dirty pin then none of the other pagers will charge. You will find out when you try to use them tomorrow. LRS pagers eliminate this by having four pins and any two pins are needed for charging. So you have over 50% more resilience to this issue with LRS pagers. Pagers used in some chargers where the transmitter is part of the charging base has a major inherent operational problem; if the charger fails then it is likely you will have to buy a new transmitter too!

  • One Touch Paging.

    • One of our lowest cost transmitters, the MT Transmitter can page up to 20 different pagers with a simple one touch operation. Competitive products have reduced one touch typically and for an approxemate equivalent of the LRS MT they charge much more money. In a busy restaurant the chef NEEDS one touch.

  • Text Pagers

    • Our new pagers are much lower cost than the other products out there. In fact they are on average less than half the cost of competitive pagers.

But there is one thing that REALLY matters to our customers.

We GUARANTEE to beat ANY quotation of similar equipment from other pager suppliers at LRS UK.

Simply provide a copy of a written quotation from a pager supplier for 'competitive' and similar equipment and we will take off 15% from their price every single time.

And that is the difference between a manufacturer and a distributor.

Welcome to LRS UK.


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