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Why buying direct from a manufacturer makes more sense than buying from distributors.

Buying from distributors can sometimes be detrimental to your operating costs and/or warranty; and that can substantially reduce your bottom line profits in your restaurant or hotel. Find out why below.

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Thinking about buying a pager system?

Well, you are on the worlds leading paging manufacturers site.

The fact is that most of the websites you visit represent paging brands that are being sold by a third party. A good example is HME in the UK and Europe; indeed, that brand has TWO distributors within Europe that we know of, one of which has sold three brands in just two years or so; pity if you bought one of their 'old' brands and you might wonder if they are changing again anytime soon?

But its not quite the same as being a manufacturers office in reality. Distributors sell what they are given; if there's a problem they have to wait while that problem is addressed by the manufacturer (who may or may not resolve the issue promptly); and there are multiple reasons why buying from a distributor will never be the same as buying from LRS UK.

Here in the United Kingdom, LRS UK supplies equipment directly to customers; and here are some of the advantages to our customers that distributors simply cannot offer:

  • Lower buy cost to customers because we cut out the distributors margin.

  • Greatly extended warranty up to 10* years.

  • 14 day trial period for every solution.

  • New for old warranty on manufacturing defect product.

  • We control the quality of our own products - distributors do not.

  • Our ability to service product on an on-going basis is exceptional. Some distributors have changed product line at least twice in as many years and may not support those 'old' products.

  • We sell and maintain completely unique products designed by ourselves and manufactured to our quality requirements; and those are the highest in the business.

So really buying direct from a manufacturers office has so many multiple advantages that buying from some distributor will always be somewhat of an anti-climax especially where quality, service, support and price is concerned; especially after a year or so.


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